Methow Valley Irrigation District East Diversion Renovation

Phase 1 Actions:  Canal Reopening (2006) and Initial Dam Removal (2007)
MVID East diversion before partial dam removal in December 2007

Since the 1940s, MVID East had relied upon the channel-spanning dam to divert water into their east canal. By reopening the intake canal used prior to dam construction, the irrigation district provided the opportunity for removal of the now unnecessary dam.  Future improvements are planned that will ensure reliability of the intake canal and minimize in-water maintenance, which can increase erosion and negatively affect fish habitat.

Partial dam removal in December 2007In December 2007, the MVID agreed to allow minimal excavation at the dam site to determine the difficulty of potential dam removal. MSRF, in consultation with Washington Fish and Wildlife, developed a two day work schedule to remove the visible portions of the dam that most affected fish passage. We timed this in-water work for late December to minimize any potential effects on fish. Our effort resulted in the partial removal of the dam and the lowering of the top of the dam approximately 26 inches, while it provided the opportunity to determine how the remainder of the structure had been built.  The dam’s eight foot deep log crib foundation remains intact, leaving a drop of several feet over the remaining structure in some areas.








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