Methow Valley Irrigation District East Diversion Renovation

Diversion intake canal scheduled for future renovationPhase 3:  Future Work Planned

Having successfully removed the channel-spanning diversion dam, MSRF and its partners will allow natural riverbed functions to rework the site until a stable balance is naturally re-established.  In the meantime, we are pleased that our actions have improved fish passage while not negatively impacting the needs of the irrigation district.


Existing fish return, scheduled for renovation in 2009


MSRF will continue to work with the MVID East and the Bureau of Reclamation to improve this stretch of the Methow River and MVID East canal to ensure the benefits of this project are retained. Our future plans for this site include renovation of diversion intakes and fish returns, improvements to the intake canal, restoration of disturbed areas to a more natural state, and monitoring oversight through 2013.





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