Chewuch Diversion Renovation

Phase 1: Site Assessment, Design Tests, and Construction of Modifications to the Chewuch Diversion Dam (2008)

The large, recirculating wave below the Chewuch dam.

The purpose of the project was to improve fish passage and boater safety at the Chewuch Diversion Dam by removing the large, recirculating wave downstream of the dam. 







  In spring 2008, a kayak remained caught in the wave for 3 days until it was removed by local rescue personnel.  The boater abandoned the kayak before it went over the dam, and was unhurt.

A Bureau of Reclamation model of the Chewuch Diversion Dam was used to guide the project design

MSRF values its many partnerships. In this case, Bureau of Reclamation’s design and modeling expertise and and equipment assured a long-term solution to the Chewuch Diversion Dam’s problems.

The collaboration in design resulted in issuance of streamlined permits by local, state, and federal resource agencies allowing timely completion of the project—while reducing as much as possible the effects of our work in the river and disruption of irrigation diversion.

The dewatered work site during dam renovation.  Fish passage was maintained on the west side of the river throughout construction.

A new grouted rock ramp below the dam eliminates the large wave and reduces risks to humans who use the river. MSRF’s goal in sponsoring such diversion renovation projects is to ensure that built projects meet the needs of both irrigators and fish, with the smallest footprint and the lowest future maintenance needs


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