Elbow Coulee Floodplain Restoration

Phase 2:  Site Restoration

Areas disturbed by construction with be replanted with native plants and trees

In the Spring of 2009, Phase 2 of the project will begin. MSRF and its partners will replant all disturbed areas of the project site with native trees, plants, and grasses. This will ensure that the stream banks will remain healthy and provide habitat for fish, birds, and animals.  Replanting will also help prevent the spread of weeds in the area.



The Elbow Coulee Floodplain is a complex ecosystem of native plants, animals, birds, and fish.  A thoughtful restoration of the construction site will help ensure that the area remains a vibrant, diverse, and self-regulating environment for years to come.


Constructing a notch in the levy will allow flows to enter the side channel during the spring


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