Fulton Fishway Adaptive Repairs

Phase 1: Assessing High Water Scour Damage

Fulton dam showing the area of scour damage

The purpose of this adaptive management project was to quickly assess and repair scour damage to the rock ramp below the Fulton dam. The damage occurred during the spring of 2008, when high flows removed placed rock from the area below the dam.  The location of the scour hole raised concern that high flows in the next spring runoff could cause further removal of rock in the area and weaken the grouted dam crest and fish passage channel. If this occurred, it would almost certainly have lead to failure of the structure. Assessment required minor excavation of remaining placed rock to determine why erosion occurred and survey work to determine how much rock had been removed. The effort coordinated by MSRF included engineering support from the Bureau of Reclamation and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. This effort confirmed the vulnerability of the structure and provided BOR and WDFW with the information they needed to guide repairs completed at the Fulton Dam during low, winter flows later that same year.


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