Fulton Fishway Adaptive Repairs

Phase 2: Completing Adaptive Dam Repairs

Repairing the scoured area in November, 2008

With BOR’s design in hand, MSRF implemented the Fulton Fishway Adaptive Repairs Project in November 2008. Using well-qualified local contractors, we carefully and quickly repaired the damaged area by removing undersized materials and incorporating larger rocks than had been used previously. Most importantly, we minimized the actual time spent working in the river, further preserving fish benefits. We were able to successfully complete the needed repairs the Fulton dam site, protect fish passage, and keep costs low. And we accomplished these goals in less than two days.




Large rocks placed in an interlocking pattern

Because the new, larger rocks are positioned in an interlocking pattern, anchoring them in place, the dam should be more stable during high flows. Such careful placement of well-sized rock will continue to protect the Fulton dam while maintaining the complex and varied habitats needed for fish passage.






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