Heath Floodplain Restoration

Phase 1:  Fish passage construction at the Lower Pond Project Site (2007-2008)
Fish surveys of the Heath pond system by Forest Service biologists found that endangered juvenile spring Chinook and steelhead could not travel upstream past the first constructed bank that creates the large ponds. This passage barrier prevented access to most of the large pond system, cutting fish off from high quality habitat and from places to escape high water in the river during spring high flows. 

High water velocity in the culverts prevented fish passage.



The lower pond bank had two, undersized culverts that created an outlet to the river, but water flowed through them at such high velocity that fish could not travel upstream from the river through the culverts into the ponds.




A new bridge and fish passage channel created fish passage from the river to the large ponds


To open up the ponds to young salmon and trout, we replaced one of the culverts with a small wooden bridge and constructed an open fish channel under the bridge between the lower pond and the stream leading out to the river. 






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