Heath Floodplain Restoration

Phase 3:  Site Restoration and Effectiveness Monitoring
Upon completion of project construction in the summer of 2008, MSRF and our partners designed and implemented a reseeding plan on the Heath sites, utilizing native plants and grasses to restore the degraded areas and to discourage weeds. In the spring of 2009, additional replanting of the disturbed stream banks will restore native shrubs and trees to provide important cover and shade for fish. By opening up the streams and restoring the natural habitat that supports them, we also will benefit birds, beaver, bear, and other animals that make this area their home.

The stream leading out from the lower pond towards the Methow River.


As part of its strategy to ensure the long-term success of restoration projects, MSRF and its partners will continue to monitor the results of our efforts at the Heath Floodplain Restoration site over a period of several years. Because of our adaptive management plans, we can respond to naturally changing conditions, helping ensure the long-term success of our enhancement and restoration efforts--all while reducing negative impacts of habitat protection and restoration on landowners.




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