Beaver Mitigation

Beaver dams provide numerous benefits to our communities. As they rework the landscape, however, there is always potential for conflict. There are many low-cost non-lethal solutions to mitigate beaver damage and still allow us to benefit from their presence. 

What do I do if I have a beaver issue?

Many common beaver conflicts can be worked around without removing beavers from the site.

Pond Leveler

When beaver ponds grow too large, pond levelers like this one can help limit their size and prevent flooding.

Tree Cage

Fencing cages like these can protect trees from beaver damage.

Another common problem from beaver activity is flooding caused by blocked culverts. Many people have tried to invent a beaver-proof culvert protector. We have learned that a grate in front of a culvert usually just offers beavers a foundation for a dam. A larger culvert may be a better solution. For more information on protecting culverts from beavers, check out this guide created by the US Forest Service.

For more detailed information about ways to manage beavers on your property, including necessary permits, check out our Beaver Management Matrix. For more information about the use and installation of beaver mitgation techniques, try the links below. Mike at Beaver Solutions and Kevin at Swiftwater Design are both Methow Beaver Project cooperators.

We're here to work with you to resolve your beaver problems. We can walk your property with you and discuss options. We also offer free trapping and relocation of problem beavers. Contact us at