Poorman Creek Culvert Replacement

Phase 2: Site Restoration and Adaptive Management

Revegetated areas at the project site

MSRF contracted with a local native plant nursery to implement site restoration following construction. Areas disturbed during the project were carefully identified by pre- and post- photo documentation to ensure they are fully mitigated by rigorous replanting. 

The site restoration contractor will ensure 85 percent survival through the restoration process at the site by maintaining the installation through 2012. Maintenance activities will include:

  • Weekly watering,
  • Spring flushing of irrigation system and irrigation system repairs,
  • Regular irrigation checks during weekly watering, system maintenance as needed,
  • Regular monitoring, photo points, project assessment,
  • Vegetation control through mowing and hand-pulling of noxious weeds as needed.

Area downstream of the new culvert immediately following construction

Following construction, the disturbed areas around the new culvert are vulnerable to erosion and infestation with weeds.

To prevent this, MSRF works with local plant specialists to restore the site to pre-project conditions or better.



By spring 2010, the plant contractor planted native vegetation in the streambank areas disturbed by construciton.

Temporary fencing installed around the plants will help protect them from deer browsing while they grow.





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